The Best Hotel in Barcelona

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What better way to start the travel section of our blog than the way we started our relationship? Well… When and how it “started” is a pretty loose idea for us. It’ll make for an interesting story whenever we get around to telling it all, but just know for now, Barcelona was the beginning of our travel adventures. We hardcore planned for this full week in Spain and then a two-week stay in Germany, and what we got out of it all was a dream come true. We began in Barcelona for a couple of days but then stayed 5 nights on an island just off the mainland called Mallorca. Be sure to checkout the end of the blog for a short video highlighting of our trip before heading to Mallorca.

Hotel Diagonal Barcelona

The first thing you do on any trip is check-in to the hotel, of course. We have both gone through this process dozens of times in each of our lives both before and after, but this time was/is arguably the best experience of them all. Not just because of the employees (which were always professional and patient), but our stay was comfortable thanks to the hotels location within the city, the services available, and the overall sense of cleanliness we were surrounded by.

If you’re flying into Barcelona, it’s easy to travel from the airport to Plaça Catalunya (the city center) via the Aerobus where you can then take the nearby metro to the Torre Agbar stop. When you get there, if you can find the Agbar building just outside, you will most definetly see the hotel. They are only separated by a small courtyard for walking and sitting. The area is safe even for night time walks, granted you want to be aware of your surroundings regardless of where you travel in the world. At night, the entire tower lights up with ridiculously gorgeous red and blue colors.

If being out and about in the city at night is out of your comfort zone, you still have two ways to enjoy the scene; you can book a room with a view, or you can get on the roof with the pool. When we were there the hotel was throwing a singles’ party on the roof, but who knows what else they may theme it with. WI-FI is included and you can find a bar/restaurant downstairs, but we elected to treat ourselves to the room services… every hour or so. The food was amazing and fresh!

If you want to checkout more pictures and information about the hotel, or are interested in booking a stay, you can checkout this link here for everything you need!

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Being Tourists!

Luckily for us the hotel sold tickets for the hop-on-hop-off city tour buses right at the front desk. Because the Torre Agbar was right next to us, the tour buses all had a stop just across the street so walking was minimal (until Sagrada Familia). I think it was about 25 Euro per person for the day, but dropped us off at all the key spots, so it was well worth it.

You know those times where little things go wrong but everything is still an amazing experience? That’s exactly what happened to us. Each stop we got off at had something to throw at us. For example, when we were walking around the churches in the hot weather, we bought a strawberry smoothie from one of the outdoor stands. Vikki couldn’t resist accidently dropping a little on my brand new white vans. When at the Sangrada Familia, we were lost in the hill and could not find our way out. It was seriously a maze for us. Ontop of being lost, that smoothie we had was gone… I would have gladly taken more to the shoes if it meant more to my thirst.

The last stop was the FCB Stadium where Vikki’s favorite soccer team calls home. We barely made it though since we were hopelessly struggling with Sangrada Familia earlier in the day and still trying to squeeze other stops inbetween. We were told we had 5 minutes to go through all the beginning halls and rooms, which we didn’t mind very much because there was more time allowed for viewing in the stadium itself. Running through the conference rooms and locker rooms, we arrived to the field and enjoyed the view from the lower seats as well as the press box (you’ll see in pictures and video).

Enjoy this short video of our Barcelona Experience!


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