How You Can Make Money On Instagram Today

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If you’ve read my previous social media related post (5 Ways to Grow Your Youtube Channel) then you know how important I believe it is to grow all social media platforms if you want to really fuel your success. It’s not impossible to excel in one by itself, and in fact you’ll find that one of them will usually grow quicker than the others. That is ok! By putting in effort and being well rounded in all of them though will allow exponential opportunities to come your way. Youtube is a money making platform for sure, but so is Instagram. So here are some ways you can earn money.

1. Sponsored Advertisements

Arguably the easiest and quickest way to make money, sponsored advertisements are a set payment amount for a post or multiple posts. Depending on how many followers you have and the consistent engagement from them, you can earn anywhere from $20 to $10,000 per post. Of course, the upper percentile is designed for people with millions of followers, but it shows the opportunities that are out there if you continue to work hard.

Again, if you read my Youtube related post, or you follow me already on my Instagram (VikkiCloe), then you know I’ve only somewhat recently began building my account for it to stand up on its own two feet. Before, it was a just something fun to share some selfies and random thoughts on, and it gained a pretty good size following simply because of the success I found on Youtube. Now, I give the process designated time to take better quality pictures, and edit them with my Lightroom application.

You need to make sure your contact information is available in your profile description; either you type in your email address, or make your account a business account (you can find a step by step guide here). For my first collaboration on IG, I was contacted by the company. This has been the case for most of my sponsored advertisements, but I have also found success reaching out to the companies first.

If you know of a company who’s products you already really like, or if you happen to come across one who’s products look like something you might really like, then don’t be scared to send them a message. Look to see if they have an official website. If they do, look for their contact information usually titled “contact us” somewhere on the sides or bottom (preferably look for a Public Relations department or email address i.e.


2. Affiliate Programs (Commission based)

These will be either really favorable or really discouraging, depending on the person. An affiliate program, if you don’t know, is where you are paid a set percentage of whatever profit a company makes on sales that were made due to your advertising efforts. It’s very easy to get involved in though as no company will really turn away from “pay-later” advertising. You’ll want to reach out to the same PR representatives to get hooked up with some kind of code that is unique to you. Some companies may have a good system that will track orders from costumers who connected to the company’s site via a link connected to you.

The good thing about affiliate programs is that there is no limit to your potential revenue, and if you’re just beginning with this whole “earn money from social medias” then it’s a great start with no risk to you. The downside is that you may make only a penny or two for every dollar the company sells (after all, you only get a cut of the PROFIT).

Take a look at some of these affiliate programs to get a better understanding!

3. Sell your own products

Selling your own products means you keep 100 percent of whatever profits there are, but it also requires a lot more effort on your end (which only makes sense!). You won’t simply be making a shoutout or gaining commission on someone else’s sales. You are advertising a product, service, and the customer support that follows. “More revenue, less work” is the obvious goal, so find something you’re passionate enough about, and refine it to near perfection.

I’ve known a couple people who found success with selling their photography skills. What better platform to advertise this than on IG? If this is something you end up doing (but this tips works for all ideas), you want to revert back to the start of this article where I talked about sponsored advertisements. When you’ve reached out to all of your beginning market (followers) with your proposed product or service, you’ve also reached all of your potential customers… Or have you?

Advertising is key to being successful in this aspect as well and you should look for support within your city or community initially. You’ll find out that many people like supporting small hometown companies, and it’ll be both easier and cheaper for you to work with them as they could even live within walking distance of you. Work with people who have a good amount of followers (ahhh, see how it looks from the other side?) and offer them free products or service in exchange for a shoutout on their IG.

Going back to the photography skills, if you offer to take pictures of someone as they model, it will give them something to post and share without them having to pay for it, and it will give you both exposure and content material that you can post for your photographer portfolio. Everyone can benefit, and everyone can grow.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to major social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram. In the spirit of this article I’d like for you to go checkout our Instagram accounts and give us a follow if you are interested (@VikkiCloe @Mason_Keener). You can send us a message there or at the bottom of this article if you have any questions!


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